Women of the Passion, The

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Kathleen Murphy Ireland 9780854396979 128 Paperback

In these reflections for Lent, Kathleen Murphy unravels the stories of the women who accompanied Jesus during his last days and were there when he endured agony and death on the cross. Who were these women and what are their stories? Is there anything we can learn from their sufferings and hopes that might help us with our burdens -- our own crosses?

Kathleen Murphy's reflections on the women of the Passion are readable,  thoughful, helpful and impeccably researched. They show that we can know quite a lot about these women, some named -- such as Mary Magdalene and Mary the Mother of Jesus -- but many unnamed, and that each has much to share. Each chapter ends with some heart-searching questions for the reader, which will help us to open up in faith to experience the healing, mercy and compassion of Christ -- the knowledge of the risen Jesus and the joy of Easter.

Dr Kathleen M Murphy is a member of the Religious Cogregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy of the Union of Great Britain. She is an experienced lecturer and retreat giver and is Director of Spirituality and Women's Studies at St Catharine's Mercy Centre in Edinburgh.

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