Dove at Rest, The: Contributions for a Possible Peace

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Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini Ireland 9780854395118 126 Paperback

This book contains a series of addresses on peace given by the Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, as well as some of his reflections on the problem of poverty and alienation. The result is an antholigy on the most recent magisterium of the Church on peace and new solidarity among peoples.

'Peace is possible...Today Noah's dove finds rest on our fragile olive branch...
the wisdom of all the nations, as on a great pilgrimage,
gathers courage for the final ascent to the holy mountain and the holy city.'
Carlo Maria Martini

Contributions for a possible peace:

  • Prayer at the root of peace
  • Religions for a new solodarity among peoples
  • Pray for peace for Jerusalem
  • Religions: Force for peace or cause of conflict?
  • The Church and a multiracial society
  • Is there a way to a genuinely multiracial society in europe?
  • CARLO MARIA MARTINI, Archbishop of Milan for many years, is a prolific writer and renowed biblical scholar. He has more that forty titles to his credit, many of which have been translated into various languages.
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