St. John SouthWorth

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Fr Nicholas Schofield and Fr Gerard Skinner Ireland 9780854398249 96 Paperback

Throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries Catholics in England had to endure the greatest persecution the Church has ever faced in this country. During this time, countless men and women risked their very lives to keep the Faith alive. Leading them were faithful priests, amongst whom was Fr John Southworth.

Like many priests, Southworth trained for the priesthood in the north of France, returning to this country, despite the inevitable danger to his own life, in order to enable the faithful to receive the Sacraments.

In this book Fathers Schofield and Skinner show how Southworth remained faithful to his vocation, with particular reference to his ministry in Westminster. With previously unpublished pictures, the book details St John Southworth's road to sainthood and includes the remarkable story of the recovery of his mortal remains which are now enshrined within Westminster Cathedral.

Fr Nicholas Schofield is Parish Priest of Our Lady of Lourdes and St Michael, Uxbridge, and Archivist of the Archidiocese of Westminster.

Fr Gerard Skinner is the Sub-Administrator of Westminster Cathedral.

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