Preparing for Marriage

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Marriage, with its changing pattern In the modern world, Is facing a crisis. This can either lead to conflict and breakdown or It can be an opportunity for deepening conjugal life. Much depends on the vision and insight with which young people enter this state. Hence the Importance of an adequate marriage preparation or family We education. Ibis can be achieved only through personal or group Initiation. But the directors of such a programme and the young people themselves would need suitable guide books. Fortunately, many such ore available. However, the present work has some notable features. First of all, the subject Is covered In a comprehensive way, incorporating features which are rarely found In one book. The whole approach Is mature and frank. There Is plenty of reliable Information from the medical and psychological angles which can be of great help In understanding the reality of marital life. The whole treatment breathes an air of realism because of the actual experience of the the author In conducting marriage preparation courses. 

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