Papal Legacy: The Inspirational Popes of the 21st Century

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This is a companion volume to John Frain’s “The Cross and the Third Reich” which met with such critical acclaim. It is the result of four years painstaking research and its central tenet is that in the Popes of the twentieth century the Catholic Church has been singularly blessed. That century began with such hope then generated such unique, widespread terror. Yet the Papacy emerged from it significantly esteemed and arguably stronger than at any time in its long history, with its moral authority acknowledged. Of the nine twentieth century Popes, one has already been declared a saint and the canonisation of two others is imminent. Even more seem, by God’s grace, to be on the way to sainthood. What a record this is. Papal Legacy tells us much about the sanctity and skills of these remarkable men in a detailed but readable way tracing their lives and works from boyhood to the Holy See. Dr John Frain, a practising Catholic and an author of wide experience and reputation, believes that each of the nine is a source of inspiration to all. Additional to this must be the present Pope, Francis, who in 2013 was declared by more than one authoritative source as “The Man of the Year”

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